Special Product Collectors collect and then recycle so-called "sensitive" waste.

Used motor oil, contaminated vegetable oil, batteries, fireworks and other solvents are dangerous for the environment. Collecting and recycling them helps to preserve our planet.

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Our missions have long been part of a sustainable development perspective. We recommend the best waste collection and treatment systems. Manergo has the know-how to provide you with concrete answers to support you in your sustainable development efforts.

What type of collector should I choose?

It all depends on the type of waste.

Manergo offers collectors for the following waste materials:

  • Used motor oil
  • Vegetable oil (frying type)
  • Battery
  • Flares and other pyrotechnics

In addition, Manergo offers products for the storage of hazardous materials.

  • Retention bin
  • Retention cabinet

What type of oil collector should I choose?

For waste motor oil, several factors are important:

  • The material of construction :
    • Metal: ++ robust, ++ long life, - price
    • Plastic: ++ Lighter, ++Price, - - Lifetime
  • The volume required :

Depending on the number of users in your area, the volume may vary. Depending on the volume chosen, the rhythm of the collection rounds will be different.

We recommend metal versions of the oil collector, which provide greater safety in the collection area. The operation is very simple and its design limits vandalism.