Open bottom dumpsters

Open-bottom skips for waste management.

The BAFO (DROP BOTTOM SKIP) has been specially designed for handling and transporting all types of waste: rubble, steel, cardboard, plastic or sand.

In workshops, waste management is strategic! Putting all the waste in the same skip does not allow for efficient sorting for the planet. That is to say, to collect the waste, then sort it, empty it and finally recycle it.

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What are the strengths of the hopper?

  • Extremely robust construction.
  • Supports heavy loads.
  • Perfect stability.
  • Has a safety latch
  • Allows for volume optimisation

Open bottom skips are available in all sizes and capacities. There are very small skips for light duty work, but also large tippers for very heavy duty work that requires a high capacity forklift capable of handling heavy loads. These heavy duty, super heavy duty tippers are designed for the transport and dumping of scrap metal and heavy waste such as glass, metal and stones.

What are the advantages of using a skip with an opening bottom?

  • Helps keep the site clean, organised and safe.
  • Easy to use by a single user.
  • No mechanical parts.
  • Allows the movement of large volumes and heavy loads.
  • Use them for storage, recycling and transport.
  • Dispose of the waste in a high volume skip.
  • Relatively low economic investment.
  • Good durability

How does a hopper work?

The skip is loaded from above, the volume of waste should not exceed the top moulding. Once full, the skip is picked up by forklift and placed on top of the large waste skip.

Once the bottom hopper is up, the operator activates the opening of the bottom (either by lever action or by automatic release).

The bottom opens, allowing the waste to escape. Empty the skip is brought to the ground to close the bottom, and return the skip to the collection position.

How does automatic triggering work?

To use the automatic release, the bucket must be placed on the top moulding of the high volume bucket. By sliding forward, the release latch opens to allow the bottom to open.

Why choose the wheel option?

This makes it easier for users to move it without using a pallet truck or forklift.

What are the safety features?

Restraint: This is a heavy-duty metal chain that connects the tipper to a forklift. The chain must be attached to the truck before use and prevents the bucket from slipping off the forks.

Safety Latch: This latch prevents accidental dumping of the bucket and should be used at all times when the bucket is not dumping. Release the latch bracket when the forklift is in position to dump its contents into a skip or other container.

Dumping: Place the bucket in the correct position to dump the load, for example over a waste container. Make sure the area is clear and safe and that there are no people around the forklift. A distance of at least 5 metres should be maintained.

Maximum capacity: Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the skip and use a forklift powerful enough to lift the weight of the skip and its contents.

Maximum speed: Do not exceed 10 km/h when driving the loaded forklift with the body fully open