MANERGO is a company present in various sectors of activity. The company has established itself as one of the leading French manufacturers of Manergo products and special waste collection containers.

The company is made up of experts in storage and container handling solutions.

MANERGO's teams provide their expertise in issuing requirements and advise on possible solutions.

Thanks to a versatile production tool, the teams design and manufacture products that correspond to the established specifications.


MANERGO's ambition is as broad as the number of causes it touches.

Community :

  •  To provide adequate solutions to support communities in the collection process.
  •  Participate in the reduction of pollution by collecting special products.
  •  Overall, MANERGO wishes to be a player in the fight against hazardous waste pollution. This pollution is one of the most harmful to our planet.

Industry :

  •  Being an actor in the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders
  •  Contribute to our customers' performance by enabling them to increase production rates and limit injuries.
  •  Integrate into the visual environment of our clients
  •   Creation of the company.
  •  About 32 employees
  •  All handling tools (3 x 10T cranes, 2 x 2T cranes, 15 x 500kg hoists)
  •  3 presses (65T/75T/300T)
  •  2 automatic saws
  •  1 shear
  •  A design office composed of people
  •  More customers from all sectorsWe place great importance on the quality of the working environment for our operators

    MANERGO's business can be summed up in these 5 terms:

  •  Listening to needs to select the best solution to a given problem.
  •  Advise our clients on the right solution
  •  Making a Manergo Product that meets your expectations
  •  Supporting our clients in the realisation of their needs
  •  Innovating to improve our customers' performance and the ergonomics of their workstations MANERGO'S VALUES

    Proximity to our customers and suppliers, as we concentrate our supply chain in the Haut de France region. We pay great attention to contacts and exchanges with our customers.

    Respect for quality, for the customer's wishes and also for safety protocols. Promise :

High level of qualitý and permanent controls ́́

  •  100% certified product delivered Robustness, reliability, durability
  •  French manufacture
  •  After sales service on the product + 50 years


  •  MANERGO is equipped with a versatile production tool
  •  More than years of experience in the field of handling, storage and collection.
  •  MANERGO has several product lines depending on the use and movement of the product.
  •  Each custom-made product has its own dimensions and features. The options in the catalogue show the range of equipment possibilities.

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