A range of environmentally friendly MANERGO products

Do you collect and transport special and/or environmentally harmful products?

Are you looking for storage or collection solutions that are part of a sustainable development approach? MANERGO accompanies you by recommending the best handling, storage or collection devices that comply with environmental standards.

MANERGO products in compliance with environmental regulations

At MANERGOWe are committed to the preservation of the environment and we intervene in environmental debates with public actors. All the products in our range comply with environmental regulations. (NF H96-116 and the decree of 27 March 2012).


Our devices and handling containerslike our tippers or our open-bottom dumpstersare designed for the transport of all types of waste and residues. Our collection solutionss, such as the cupboards or storage bungalows for DMS productsare designed for safe handling.


At MANERGOWe also guarantee the best containers for special waste that is harmful to the planet. Our teams bring all their expertise to the study of optimal solutions. We develop oil collectors useds, of the hazardous waste collectors (batteries, rockets...) to waste disposal sites, ports or airports.

Sustainable development in industries and communities: call on MANERGO!

At MANERGOWe are committed to sustainable development. In addition to recommending the best collection systems for special products and waste treatment, we support you in your sustainable development initiatives.


Our design office MANERGO provides you with concrete answers to your handling, collection and storage problems. We help you to make the right choice of equipment and we manufacture the product adapted to your expectations and technical constraints. All the products in the MANERGO range are customisable and made to measure.


Are you a community or an industrial structure? The MANERGO sales team is at your service!