Waste oil collector Mod'huile R-level indicator
Waste oil collector Mod'huile R-DN50 Firefighter Connection
Mod'huile M1200DC-Lifting ring
Mod'huile M1200DC-Firm Plate
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Oil Manifold M1200 stainless steel version

Waste oil collector Mod'huile M1200


Used oil collector Mod'huile M1200DC allows the recovery of used oil.

The user pours his oil into the window provided, once the canister is empty, he deposits it in the upper part provided for this purpose.

Features :

  • Capacity of the tank 1200 litres
  • Dimension (L x W x H) 1190 x 1190 x 2100 mm
  • Double tank with Leak detection system
  • Upper polyethylene Structure and lower steel part
  • Manutentionnable to forklift, truck or crane
  • Large capacity canister reserve located on the upper part of the Mod'huile
  • Pumping connection Type Firefighter DN 50
  • Level gauge to determine the amount of oil contained in the manifold
  • Complies with the XPH96118 standard and according to order 2710-1 of 27 March 2012
  • Vacuum lifting ring
  • French design and manufacturing

Options :

  • Egout'Huile Recovery Bin (cleanliness of the surroundings)
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